Truth About Mattresses can help you find a new organic mattress or hypo allergenic mattress. Organic mattresses are manufactured using only organic materials. Natural mattresses offer several benefits over traditional mattresses. Our mattress specialists offer their knowledge and expertise on organic & natural latex mattresses.

Today our world is full of harsh chemicals; therefore, it is important to protect ourselves in every way possible. Bedding made from naturally organic material promotes healthy living. Many people do not realize that harsh chemicals are used to treat cotton as it is grown. Pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers used to treat the cotton NEVER wash out of the fabric and continue to off-gas toxins. With our organic mattresses, there are no toxic chemicals introduced to the materials.

At Truth About Mattresses we know that if can be hard to find a new hypo allergenic mattress that helps you sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed. Our specialists know that there is not one organic mattress that works for everyone and you should choose the hypo allergenic mattress that allows you to sleep without pain. At Truth About Mattresses we have a wide selection of new hypo allergenic mattresses that provide the right amount of support and allows you to get a comfortable good night’s sleep.

Have you settled for a normal mattress that traps dust and other allergens that make it hard to sleep at night? If so, stop in to Truth About Mattresses today to check out a hypo allergenic mattress that will give you the sleep you need. Our trained mattress specialists are able to walk you through the different mattresses we offer to find you the best fit!

At Truth About Mattresses, we pride ourselves on offering the best organic, natural and hypo allergenic mattresses and bedding in the Triad area. Call or stop by our mattress showroom today to check out an organic mattress that is good for your health and even better for your wallet!

As a distributor direct we offer mattress prices for a fraction of what you pay at a larger chain furniture store or an independent mattress store!

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